Do you have a property with a bad odour that needs removing? Has a tenant just vacated a property leaving smoking odours? Had a fire and bad odours? Cooking odours etc?

Thermal fogging and Ozone treatments can deal with these sort of odours that penetrate paint, wallpaper and fabrics. With our simple treatments we can get your property smelling fresh again. Many will redecorate to hide the odours but this can normally deal without having to redecorate or replace items. We simply visit your property, apply the treatment to the effected rooms, leave to settle for a couple of hours, then your rooms are ready for use again.

If you would like a quotation, please send details of any areas that may need treating and your address and we can give you a quote.


Odours that are underlying in fibres and fabrics need to be specifically treated for the properties that caused the problem. Many customers ask for or have heard that deodorisers will remove bad smells, but deodorisers just add a fragrance to the fibres that can wear off.

Common odours include-

– Pet Urine

– Cleaning detergents from attempts at DIY cleaning.

– Smoke odour

– Vomit

– Pet odour

– Dust smells

– Food odours

We carry a wide range of treatments to attack the problem odours like enzymes, protein removers and sanitisers. The success rate of removal is determined by a number of factors that we can discuss during a free quotation.

Odour Removal

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